Healthy Catering for Your Event

Savor the flavor of wellness with Sunn Health Bar!

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Bringing Fresh, Wholesome Catering to You

At Sunn Health Bar, our focus goes beyond just serving healthy, delicious food – we deliver an entire culinary experience directly to your doorstep. Envision our vibrant food truck arriving at your event, offering a menu filled with an array of fresh, wholesome options.

We cater to every palate and dietary requirement, including vegan-friendly and gluten-free choices. Our commitment is to provide not just food but a feast for the senses, ensuring that your event is both nourishing and memorable.

Let us transform your gathering with our unique blend of taste and health.

Why Choose Our Food Truck for Your Event?

A Mobile Feast of Freshness

Our food truck brings the Sunn Health Bar experience directly to your event. Whether it's a corporate meeting, a family gathering, or a community event, our truck is equipped to serve your guests the freshest and healthiest meals.

Customized Menu Delights

Dreaming of smoothie bowls or craving a unique concoction? We love getting creative! Work with us to tailor a menu that fits your event's theme and satisfies all taste buds.

Hassle-Free, Healthy Catering

We handle everything – from planning a custom menu to delivering with a smile. Our goal is to ensure you and your guests relish in the deliciousness without any stress.

3 Easy Steps to Successful Events

  • Step 1

    We'll work with you to craft a custom menu that delights your group and aligns seamlessly with your event's theme.

  • Step 2

    Enjoy hassle-free delivery or have our popular food truck onsite to serve your event's crowd with a smile.

  • Step 3

    You and your guests indulge in the amazing deliciousness of fresh, wholesome foods thoughtfully prepared and served with care.

Fresh food made to order. Check out Sunn Health Bar's menu.

Important Catering & Event Details

At Sunn Health Bar, we understand that every event is unique, and so are its catering needs. From the location and date to the specific type of event, we tailor our catering services to fit your exact requirements.

We're able to provide pricing after we've discussed your event's particulars. This personalized approach ensures that we provide the most suitable catering experience possible, both in terms of menu selection and budget.

Reach out to discuss your event's details, and we'll craft a custom catering plan that aligns perfectly with your vision and needs.

Happy Customers

"If you're looking for tasty healthy options this is a great place! We had salads that were delicious and they also have smoothies that look great."

Tina R.

"Yummmmmmm!!! My family was feeling under the weather & I came to get some feel good food for was a huge hit!!! Everything we got was fresh and delicious!!!"

Shelly R. 

"Delicious food that's good for you, with a wide variety of super fresh options. Stopped in here to grab lunch and boy am I glad I did. You've got to try this place!"

Kristen H.